Sports Betting in Wisconsin: The Top Wisconsin Betting Sites for 2023

As of the present moment, sports wagering is not permitted within the borders of Wisconsin. From a technical standpoint, the state of Wisconsin legalized sports betting in 2009 with the introduction of pari-mutuel wagering; however, race facilities have ceased operations in the state since that time. Speculative wagering on athletics or sports organizations in general has been strictly prohibited. On the contrary, Daily Fantasy sports sites and the associated wagering are considered lawful in the state due to their classification as a skill-based game. Wagering on horse races nationwide through an online platform is entirely permissible for residents as well.

The Gambling Legislation of Wisconsin

Wisconsin adopted a somewhat unconventional approach to gambling regulations in comparison to many other states. Rather than legalizing specific industries, the state revoked certain gambling-related positions. Currently, certain types of wagering are permissible and accessible. Legal forms of social and charitable wagering include bingo, raffles, and the lottery. Even though pari-mutuel wagering is prohibited at racetracks, it is accessible online. Authorized tribal casinos are also operating in accordance with the law.

The Sports Most Popular in Wisconsin
The state of Wisconsin is heavily reliant on athletics, as evidenced by the presence of Major League teams in the three most popular sports: basketball, baseball, and football. In addition to numerous successful minor league teams, the state is home to exceptional collegiate athletic teams and major league teams. Racing’s lawful status since the 1980s undoubtedly exerted a significant influence; however, as of the present moment, no active race courses are operational within the state.

The Regional Origins of Sports Betting
In establishing and structuring their gambling regulations, Wisconsin was comparatively tardy and, as stated earlier, quite dissimilar. Following the legalization of lotteries, raffles, and raffles, race track wagering was extended to five private race tracks within the state. In Wisconsin, pari-mutuel wagering is the only form of legalized sports betting.

Age Limit for Legal Online Sports Betting in Wisconsin
Despite the fact that sports wagering is presently prohibited in Wisconsin, a referendum on the legal age for this activity has not yet taken place. Similarly, the matter of cannabis possession is addressed. Cannabis, whether used for recreational or medical purposes, has not yet been legalized. It is expected that the minimum age requirement to engage in sports betting will adhere to alcohol consumption regulations. That is to say, twenty-one years of age.

Is It Legal to Bet on Sports Online From Outside the State?

Commercial sports wagering has been effectively prohibited in the majority of the United States since 2018. Nevertheless, the area did not remain still for an extended period of time. Several states have introduced legislation that could eventually legalize sports wagering. It can be argued that the states bordering Wisconsin are approaching the verge of legalizing sports wagering.

Illinois is one state where several draft bills, including the “Sports Betting Consumer Protection Act” (2018) and other such bills, are awaiting formal votes at the time this is written.

The legality of sports wagering in West Virginia is another instance. West Virginia became the fifth state to grant legalization to the wagering activity, under the supervision and regulation of the West Virginia Lottery Commission. Sports wagering became available for the first time at the Hollywood Casino, which commenced operations on August 30, 2018.






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